December 4-6, 2017
Florida, USA

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2017 Cyber Security Exchange

The 2017 Exchange will provide the Chief Information Security Officers/ Chief Information Officers and leading executives with a three-day event on the forefront of protecting the cyber security of the enterprise as the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks continues to increase and evolve. Unlike other events, the Cyber Security Exchange will offer cyber security leaders the opportunity to hear and discuss successful strategies in a true peer-to-peer networking forum while highlighting the latest technologies, strategies and processes to ensure security. Download to see our complete speaking faculty and interactive sessions!

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The State of Information Security Awareness: Trends & Developments

Take an in depth look at global gindings from the Ponemon Research Institute and Security Innovation.

The Essential Guide To Online Security

Often with security and privacy concerns there exist trade-offs with usability and complexity.The most secure user is often the one who doesn’t use the Internet, but if you would like to climb out from under your rock to join the rest of us on the Internet, this guide is here to help you. Getting to a point where you can be reasonably confident in your personal security and privacy online can take a lot of effort, due diligence, and technical vigilance.

Cyber Security in the Information Age

In the age of all things digital, almost every single person has left a footprint on the World Wide Web. We post and share information at the touch of a button, without much thought about where that information may go. With so much data being transmitted on a daily basis, there are those who use the relative anonymity of the internet to maliciously steal valuable and private information. Because of these faceless criminals who lurk in the shadows of the cyber underworld, cyber security has never been more important than it is now.

Cyber Security Priorities: What Will Matter To CISOs?

We surveyed Chief Information Security Officers at our 2016 Cyber Security Exchange on what important investments they are looking to make in 2017.

CASE STUDY: An Event Above the Rest

In this case study, Skipstone gives qualitative details abouttheir experience sponsoring with IQPC Exchange. Skipstonegives examples of how an Exchange, an exclusive in-personevent with decision maker attendees, is different from otherevents and how the Exchange has helped further their business goals.

2017 Sponsorship Brochure

The 2017 brochure includes information regarding the participation of select Solution Providers at the Cyber Security Exchange, including: past attendees, the Exchange format, solution provider opportunities, and more.


Creating a Security Awareness Program that Sticks

Let’s face it – someone out there wants your sensitive data. Smishing. Spear Phishing. Clickjacking. We are bombarded everyday with headlines shouting the new and inventive ways attackers are coming after our sensitive information and the catastrophic consequences when they actually get their hands on it. By now, security education should be a top priority for any organization with information to protect, which is EVERY organization. Technology is a credible line of defense, but it cannot be the only one. Your employees need to know how they can help protect your company’s sensitive data and be motivated by why they should care about protecting it.